Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Illustrator Portrait

Course: Computer Illustration IL361 • Instructor: Octavio Perez

• Find or take your own reference photo of any person. Use a quality image with a well defined light source. Bad snapshots taken with a flash are flat and of little value. Dramatic lighting with a full range of value is what you should look for.

• Do a pencil, pen or charcoal drawing (value study) of the subject. Simplify the values into big shapes. Don't rely on line to define the portrait. Exaggerate the features and make it a caricature if you wish.

• Illustrator only! Don't use Photoshop. No live tracing either!!!!

• Scan your drawing and place it in an Illustrator document (see scanning instructions).

• Use the drawing as a template to assist you in creating a 7"x9" color portrait ( the drawing will not be a part of your final file ). Don't use contour lines on this assignment. Use simple flat shapes and limited line to provide details where necessary.

• Final file format: Illustrator EPS

• Put the final file in the course web share by the deadline.

• SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN! Crashing computers are no excuse for missing a deadline.

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